.com .swiss 5G network technologies Abbey House Media v. Apple Inc. abstract ideas abuse abuse of powers access access for visually impaired Access Now access request access to communications access to data access to encrypted devices access to information access to Internet access to personal data access to public information access to source code accessibility account information accountability accountablity accreditation of journalists action plan activists acts of communication to the public ad-blocking adaptation right administrative procedure adoption ads ADSL advertisement advertising advisory council advisory expert groups advisory group advocacy Advocate General Advocate General Cruz Villalon Advocate General opinion AEDE tax aerial law enforcement surveillance AFET affordable access AG opinion age verification agency agreement AI airport algorithms Alice v. CLS Bank All Writs Act alliance alliances alternative compromise Amazon amicus brief amicus curiae ammendments analysis ancillary copyright Android Andrus Ansip annual report annulment anonimity network anonymity anonymity tool anonymous Ansip anti terorrism anti-corruption anti-counterfeiting anti-fraud anti-money laundering anti-piracy initiative anti-snooping campaign anti-terror law anti-terror legislation anti-terrorism anti-terrorism package anti-violence legislation antisemitism report antitrust antitrust law antitrust laws antitrust suit against Apple API app app for kids appeal appellation of origin Apple apps ApTI Army Sport Club Steaua Bucuresti Art&Allposters Art. 29 WP Article 29 Working Party artificial intelligence assessment asylum attack attacks Audiencia Nacional audiovisual market Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive Audiovisual Media Services Directive Australia Austria authority authors and performing artists automated car emergency calls automated decisions automated image referencing services automated notices automatic number plate recognition back door back doors backdoors bandwidth bank account bank data base banking data Barack Obama barometer battlefortheinternet.com Belgian Data Protection Authority Belgium BEREC Bernard Cazeneuve Berne convention best practices Big Brother Big Brother Awards Big Brother laws big data bilateral cooperation bill Bill C-51 Bill on the Protection of Citizens’ Security binding corporate rules biometric access control biometric authentication biometric data biometric database biometrics bitcoin Bitmarkets Bits of Freedom BitTorrent black list blacklist blackmail blackphone blanket surveillance blockchain blocking blocking sites blocking websites BOIP booklet border control border exception Boston city botnet brand loss Brazil brief broadband broadband companies broadband connection broadband reclassification browser browser information browsing history Brussels Bufferbloat Project Bulgaria bulk collection bulk collection of data bulk data collection business business model Cable Act cable privacy CALEA California California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA) call for comments call for proposals call records calling records Cambridge Analytica camera spy drones campaign Canada cars cartels Case C-516/13 Dimensione Direct Sales and Labianca case law Catalonia CCTV cell-site simulators censorship censorship filters censorship machine Central and Eastern Europe CETA ChAFTA charges for over the top services Charlie Hebdo Charter of Fundamental Rights Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union chat rooms child abuse child pornography child protection children China Chinese Internet filters Chinese regulations chipset Christie's France circumvention circumvention tools CISPA citizen participation Citizen Safety Law Citizen Security Law citizen's initiative citizen's rights Citizens' security bill civil libertes civil liberties civil rights civil society civil society opinion CJEU CJEU decision CJEU ruling on data retention CJUE class action close down sites cloud cloud computing cloud computing standard CNIL co-owner coalition code code of conduct code of practice codecs collecting societies collection of data collective management collective management directive comments commerce commercial Commission on Science and Technology for Development committe committee Committee for Culture and Education Committee of Ministers common sense for copyright communication communication to the public communications Communications Act Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act Communications Data Bill communications monitoring Communications Security Establishment (CSE) companies comparative study competition competition law complaint compliance compliance with EU law Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) comprehensive framework compromise amendment compromise ammendments compromise text computer computer equipment Computer Fraud and Abuse Act computer hacking computer search computer security computer threats comsumer protection concept conclusions conference confidential communication confidential communications confidential information confidentiality confidentiality of communication confidentiality of communications Congress connected devices connected home devices connected toys consensus consent consent mechanism Consitutional Court constituent committee Constitution Constitutional Court constitutional right consultantion consultation consumer behaviour consumer data privacy consumer personal information consumer privacy consumer privacy bill consumer protection consumer security consumer usage information content content aggregation content blocking content filtering content piracy watch list content regulation content removal content scanning contractual clauses contractual relationships control convention conviction cookie directive cookie policy cookie rules cookies cooperation cooperation procedure cooperations copyfails copying of Internet communications copyright Copyright and Marriage Equality Act copyright cases copyright enforcement copyright exception copyright exceptions copyright industry copyright infringement copyright ingringement copyright law copyright levies copyright licence fee copyright limitations copyright offence copyright on list of spare parts copyright performance copyright proposal copyright protection copyright reform copyright regime copyright restrictions corporate secrets corporate tax corporations costs cotent filtering Council of Europe counter-terror policies counter-terrorism counter-terrorism legislation country of origin country report court court case court cases court decision court evidence court hearing court intervention Court of Justice of the European Union Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) court opinion court order court proceedings court ruling court trial court warrant crime crime pattern Crimea sanctions crimeware criminal activity Criminal Code criminal data criminal investigations criminal proceedings criminalise critical data critical infrastructure criticism cross-border cross-border access to data cross-border online sales crowdsourced copyright reform cryptografic standards cryptography CULT cultural heritage cultural rights customer data customer protection customer records customs control cyber attacks Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) cyber security cyber threat cyber-stalking cyberattacks cyberbullying cybercrime Cybercrime Convention cyberespionage cyberlegislation cybersecurity cybersecurity bill Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) cybersecurity law cybersecurity policy cybersecurity strategy cybersecurity threat data cybersecurity vulnerabilities Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) Cyrillic domain Czech Republic damages dancing baby dark net dark web darknet darkweb data data breach data breach notification data breaches Data Broker Accountability and Transparency Act data brokers data collection data confidentiality data flow data flows data localisation data location data management data management strategies data mining data protection Data Protection Authorities data protection authority data protection directive data protection eurobarometer data protection impact assessments data protection in telecommunications data protection law data protection practices data protection reform data protection regulation data protection violation data retention data retention decision data retention laws data retention legislation data roaming data security data seisure data sharing data storage data theft data transfer data transfers database Database Directive databases databox concept David Cameron DDOS de-index URLs de-indexing de-listing de-listing URLs debate decentralization decision decisions declaration defamation defence defense Defense Department regulation definition delete music Delfi case delisting delisting of personal data delisting personal data delisting URLs denial of service Denmark developing countries developments device DG CONNECT DG MARKT DHL diacritical characters diacritics dialogue digital digital age Digital Agenda digital assembly digital assistant digital bill digital by default digital canon digital challenges digital citizenship digital currency digital divide digital economy Digital Economy Commissioner Mariya Gabriel digital evidence digital government digital growth digital identity digital market digital media Digital Millennium Copyright Act Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) digital policies digital policy Digital Register for Empowerment Digital Republic Bill digital resources digital rights Digital Rights Ireland digital rights management digital security digital services digital single market digital strategy digital surveillance digital tax digital trespassing digital vigilantism digital wallet digital weapons digitalisation Dimitris Avramopoulos directive Directive 2006/24/EC Directive 2011/77/EU Directive 2012/28/EU disabled persons discussion forum discussions distinctive distinctive character distribution right DMCA DNA DNA data DNS document document leak document pool document release documentary documents DOJ domain name domain name policy domain name system domain name system (DNS) domain names domain registrants domain registration domain seizure domains domanin name registrars domanin names dominant position DOS attack double Irish Doxbin DPA DPA decision DPAs DPO draft draft bill draft communication draft copyright directive draft guidelines draft law draft opinion draft proposal draft regulation draft report dragnet DRIP DRM droit de suite drone drone regulation drone strike drones drug trafficking DSM DSM - Digital Single Market Dublin due process Dutch Data Protection Authority e-books e-commerce e-commerce directive e-commerce websites e-Estonian e-evidence e-government e-ID e-Identification e-Privacy e-Residency e-services e-voting eavesdropping ebooks EC EC model clauses eCall ECHR ECJ ECJ decision ECJ ruling economic boom economic sanctions EDPS EDPS Ethics Board edri Eduard Snowden education Edward Snowden EFF Effi ry egg chair eGovernment eID eIDAS Regulation elections electronic commerce electronic communication electronic communications Electronic Communications Privacy Act Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) electronic devices Electronic Frontier Foundation Electronic Governance Act electronic identidication electronic identification Electronic Identification Act electronic identity card electronic signatures electronic surveillance Email Privacy Act email privacy bills emails emergency call system employee's data employer's database Encrypted Media Extension Encrypted Media Extensions encryption encryption keys encryption techniques end to end encryption enforcement engagement enhanced powers enquiry enterprise products entertainment industry entrepreneurship EPIC EPO ePrivacy ePrivacy Directive ePrivacy Directive revision ePrivacy regulation equal equal traffic Estonia Estonian Presidency Ethereum ethics EU EU Charter of fundamental rights EU copyright reform EU Council EU data protection law EU data protection reform EU directive EU documents EU framework EU funds EU Internet Forum EU law EU legislation EU official EU PNR Directive EU PNR proposal EU policy EU regulation EU Telecommunications Framework EU-Canada EU-Canada agreement EU-Japan EU-US EU-US data flows EUIPO EURODAC Europe Europe v Facebook European Charter of Fundamental Rights European cloud European Commission European Commissioner European commissioner for digital economy European Convention on Human Rights European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) European Copyright Society European Court of Human Rights European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) European Court of Justice European Data Protection Board European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) European design law European directive European funding European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance European law European Ombudsman European Parliament European Patent Office European Patent Organization European Union European values Europol EUSFTA evaluation event evfaluation evidence EWG exceptions and limitations exclusive right vs monopoly right executive order exhaustion principle expectation of privacy experiment experimental expert explanatory note explicit consent export extraterritorial execution of warrants Facebook Facebook account Facebook case Facebook post search facial recognition facial search fair use fake news family businesses fast track fast track adoption FBI FCC FCC vote Federal Aviation Administration Federal Communications Commission Federal Communications Commission (FCC) federal court federal crime Federal Trade Commission Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fiber cable FIJAIT file sharing filtering filtering technology final version final vote financial data fine fines FinFisher fingerprints Finland FISC fiscal authorities fitness wristbands flaws flight data FOIA FOIA request folklore football club Ford Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court foreign policy forensic formal notice forum Fourth Amendment FRA framework framework for electronic communications networks and services framework proposal France fraud free free access to information free and open source software free speech free trade Freedom Act freedom index Freedom not Fear freedom of communication freedom of expression freedom of information freedom of information act freedom of information request freedom of panorama freedom of press freedom of speech freedom of the press freedom to use genetic resources French Digital Council French Surveillance Bill friend-of-the-court brief FTC fundamental rights fundamental rights impact funding furniture future future development G20 Summit GAFTAM Garcia vs Google GCHQ GDPR GDRP Gemany general approach General Data Protection Regulation generic top-level domains genetic material genetic resources genetic testing Geneva Digital Watch Geneva Internet Platform geo-blocking geoblocking geographical indications German government Germany Gigi Becali Gilles de Kerchove Giovanni Buttarelli giplatform GIPO global global coalition global community global domains global policy global trend global working group glorification or justification of terrorism GNI good practices Google Google Advisory Council Google Fiber Google News Spain Google search for kids Google Shopping Google tax Google vs Spain government government coalition government data requests government hacking government initiative government plan government policy government requests government transparency governmental programme governments GPEN graph search Greece green paper Green Party growth GS Media case gTLD program gTLDs Guenther Oettinger guidance guidelines guidelines for business guidelines on online literature Gunther Oettinger hackers hacking hacking attacks Hadopi harassment harmonization hate crime hate crimes hate speech hateful content health health data hearing hearings hidden camera High Court of Cassation and Justice high-speed high-tech holistic approach Hollande Home Affairs Commissioner home copy home copying levies home use hosting providers hotel activity House of Lords HTTP/2 protocol HTTPS human rights Human Rights Council human rights record in Geneva human rights violation Hungary hyperlinking hyperlinks IANA contract IANA functions IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group IANA transition ICANN ICANN meeting ICT ID cards ID database ID number identity database IDN IETF If This Then That IGF IGF2014 IIPA illegal illegal access to content illegal access to research papers illegal activity illegal consumption illegal content illegal copying illegal download illegal downloading illegal downloads illegal immigrantion illegal interceptions illegal operations illegal phone tapping illegal search illegal streaming and downloading IMCO IMCO Committee impact impact assessment implementation implications IMSI catchers in-camera session inclusion incorporation by reference increased powers independence India industry industry associations informal group information information associated with online presence information service information services information sharing information sharing system information society Information Technology Industry Council informed consent InfoSoc Directive infrastructure infringement infringements ingringement initiative injuction injunction injunctions innocence of muslims protests innovation Innovation Act inspection Instagram instant messaging apps intellectual commons intellectual property intellectual property hub intellectual property law intellectual property rights intelligence intelligence activities intelligence agencies intelligence agency Intelligence Authorization Act intelligence bill intelligence center intelligence codex intelligence operations intelligence powers intelligence services intercept interception interception of communications interception of social media interceptions intergroup intermediaries intermediary liability internal market internal market committee international affairs international agreement international conference international law international meeting International Organization for Standardization (ISO international privacy specialists international standard international surveillance powers International Telecommunication Union (ITU) International Telecommunications Union international trade agreements internationalised country code top-level domain Internet Internet access Internet as a human right Internet Bill of Rights Internet blocking Internet body Internet communications Internet companies Internet Constitution Internet core functions Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) Internet fast lane Internet filtering internet freedom Internet Governance Internet Governance Forum Internet Governance hub Internet layer Internet monitoring Internet of Things Internet of Things (IoT) internet ombudsman Internet platform Internet policy Internet policy observatory Internet protocol Internet providers Internet regulation Internet Service Providers Internet shutdown Internet speed internet surveillance Internet technologies Internet traffic Internet traffic monitoring Internet Ungovernance Forum Internet Universality interoperability introductory remarks invalid inventions inventive step investigation investigations Investigatory Powers Act Investigatory Powers Bill Investigatory Powers Tribunal Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) investment Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) investor-to-state dispute settlement investors IoT IP address IP addresses IP offices IP protection IPEN IPR IPR infringement IPR protection IPv6 Iran Ireland Irish Data Protection Irish datacenters Irish High Court irishgenealogy.ie ISCO ISDS ISIS ISO 27018 ISP ISP liability IT IT companies IT security IT systems Italian Data Protection Authority Italian presidency Italy ITRE ITU ITU Plenipotentiary Conference ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 ius jailbreak Japan Jewel v. NSA jihad Joint Research Centre joint statement journalism journalist journalists judge ruling judgement judgment judicial oversight judicial system Judith Sargentini Julia Reda Julien Assange JURI jurisdiction jurisprudence Karma Police keylogger keynote speech kill switches Klayman v. Obama knowledge Knowledge Development Box tax scheme Latin America law law enforcement Law on International Surveillance law overview copyright law proposal law reform law suit law suits lawsuit leak leak document leak documents leaked data leaked document leaked documents leaked proposal leaks least developed countries legal action legal basis legal campaign legal case Legal Committee legal context legal documents legal framework legal hacks legal notice legal process legal service report legal study legislation legislative proposal legislative proposals legitimate purpose letter liability LIBE Committee LIBE vote library link tax LinkedIn linking linking to protected content links links to illegal content liquid democracy Lithuania live audio streams live streaming lobby local location login credetials loopholes low privacy protection LPI LulzSec MAC addresses machine learning Magna Carta Magna Carta of the Internet Magna Charta Malcolm Turnbull Malta malware Manila Principles on Internet Liability Marco Civil Marietje Schaake Mark Schrems market dominance marketing Marrakesh Treaty marriage equality Martha Fox Lane Martine Reicherts mass collection mass spying mass survaillance mass surveillance Max Schrems Max-Planck Institute media media industry medical data medical records meeting memorandum memorandum of understanding MEP Mercosur-EU mere conduit Merkel mesh networks metadata microchip implants in humans Microsoft Ministry of Public Finance misuse of data MLAT mobile mobile app mobile apps mobile communications mobile devices mobile operators mobile phones mobile providers mobile users model clauses Moldova Monaco v OHIM monetization money laundering monitoring monitoring tools monkey selfie case monopoly morality clause Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) MoU movies subtitles MU-MIMO multi user-multiple-input multiple-output multi-territorial licensing multiple owners multistakeholder multistakeholder community multistakeholder model music industry music publishers musical works Nagoya Protocol name registration names and numbers NASDAQ National Crime Agency national database national database with tourists national defense national e-identity cards national IGF national law national legislation national security National Security Agency National Security Letter national strategy NCA necessary Neelie Kroes negociations negoctiations negotiations net neutrality net neutrality debate net neutrality framework Net Neutrality Regulation Netherlands NetMundial NetMundial Initiative network network and information security Network and Information Security directive network investigative technique new new agreement new amendments new bill new Copyright Directive new documents new framework new gTLDs new initiative new law new law proposal new legal proposal new legislation New Mexico high court new regulation new rules new software new technologies newly proposed bill news publishers newsletter Next Generation Identification program NGO NGOs NIS Directive NIST No Disconnect strategy non US citizens non-citizens Nordic-Baltic digital single market North Korea Norway notice notice and take down notification NSA NSA program reauthorization NTIA Obama ODINE OECD report offensive content offer for sale OGP OHIM Olga Sehnalova online online accounts online activity online adversiting online banking online behaviour online billing online censorship online data online drug marketplace online extremism online freedom online gambling online harassment online identity online information online infringement online linking to content online media online monitoring online newspaper online payment online petition online piracy online platform online platforms online portal online profiling online restrictions online security online speech online surveillance online tool online tracking online voting open open access open data open data incubator open data portal open government open Internet open internet access Open Invention Network open letter open license open licenses open media open platforms open software open source open source for government open source protocol open source software open standards open wireless opinion opt-in consent opt-out opyright reform Oracle vs Google oral arguments order original works orphan works orphan works database outcome outcomes over the top communication services overseas servers oversight overview package proposal Pakistan panel Panopticlick Panoptykon Foundation panorama exception Paraguay Paris attacks Parliament Passenger Name Record (PNR) passenger name records Passenger Name Records (PNR) passport photos password protection password recovery passwords patch management process patent patent applications patent claims patent law patent reform patent register patent trolls patents Patriot act Pavel Svoboda payment procesors paywalls peer to peer networks peer-to-peer peer-to-peer filesharing peer-to-peer networking penal code penalty Penny Pritzker perceptions of EU citizens performance permission permissions permitted uses Personal Audio personal data personal data after death personal data consent personal data law personal data processing personal data protection personal data transfer personal information personal stamp personal use personality rights personalized ads petition pharmaceutical products phone records phone tapping pictures pilot project pilot project QUEST (Querying Europol Systems) piracy piracy app pirate bay Pirate Party pirate websites pirated content place recognition plan plate scanners platform platform neutrality PlayPen plenipot PNR PNS system podcasts Poland police police body cameras police body cams police practices policies policing policy policy decision policy-making process Polish Gambling Act political parties agenda political party political profiling porn websites pornography portability regulation portal Portugal positive discrimination predictive policing prefilled forms preliminary ruling prepaid sim card registration prepay sim cards press conference press publishers press release price discrimination principle of territoriality principles prioritization PRISM prison sentence privacty tools privacy Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) privacy app store privacy assessment privacy at workspace privacy audits privacy bill privacy by default privacy by design privacy camp privacy campaign privacy challenges privacy concerns privacy controls Privacy Enhancing Techniques (PET) privacy impact assessment privacy law privacy law violation privacy laws privacy policy privacy protection privacy protections privacy report privacy risks privacy rules privacy settings Privacy Shield privacy sweep privacy tool privacy tools privacy videos privacy violation privacy violations privacy watchdog private companies private copies private copy private phone records private selling app private standards organizations private use privatised censorship privatised law enforcement privatized law enforcement privileged communications probable cause procedure process process revision processing of sensitive data procurement profile profiling project project protein property proportionate proposal proposals prosecution protected content protection protection mechanisms protection of rights protests protocol protocols proxy services pseudonym public administration public authorities public authotities public buildings public comment public comments public communication service public consultation public consultations public debate public digital administration public domain public hearing public information public institutions public interest public money public opinion public oversight public policy public profile public records public repository public safety public sector public security public transport public utility public WiFi publishers pyrawebs Qualcomm quotation raid Ramnit rapporteur eCall ratification Raynor v. State of Maryland re-identification re-use of public information real name policy real-name registration reasonable expectation of privacy reauthorization reciprocity of recognition reclassification reclassification of broadband services recommendation recommendations referendum reform reform law reform package regional summit register registrar registrar accreditation agreement registrars registry regulation Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa) Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) regulation proposal regulator regulatory power released files remote access remote search remove content requests renewal report reporting reports Reprobel requests resale right research research paper research project resolution response restrictions results retention retention period review revision RF Devices right of action right of reproduction right to access to data right to be forgotten right to erasure right to identity protection right to information right to portability right to privacy rights rights and obligations RIR roadmap roaming roaming charges Romania Romania supreme court Romanian Constitutional Court Romanian Constitutional Court (CCR) Romanian Ministry of Defence royalties rule of law ruling Rusia Russia russian companies safe cloud Safe Harbor Safe Harbor decision Safe Harbour Safe Harbour agreement safe harbourt safeguards safety same sex marriage sanctions savetheinternet.eu scan scheme Schengen Information System (SIS II) school data Schrems Schrems case sci-hub scientific papers scientific purposes scientific research Scotland search and seizure search engine search engine results search engines search history search results search warrant secret court secret mobile tracking program secret negocitations secret service secret services secret text Section 215 Secure Data Act secure vehicles security security agencies security agescies security audit security bill security breach security measures security policy security requirements for apps security services securtity seisure seize emails seized site seizure self-regulation seminar Senators on the Commerce Committee sensitive data sensitive information sentence senzors separatist movement series server server farm services for skipping ads sex offenders sharing devices sharing economy shut down shut down account shutdown Silk road Silk Road 2.0 site SilverPush SIM cards sim cards hack Sir Tim Berners-Lee SIT programme site admin nachash site blocking Slovak Constitutional Court Slovenia Slush conference smart city smart ID cards Smart TV smartphone driver's license smartphone password smartphones Smith v. Obama snooper’s charter snooping Snowden Snowden revelations Snowden Treaty social media social media data collection social media monitor social network social networks software software companies Sony Sony hack sound South Korea Spaces Spain Spanish court Spanish Criminal Code Spanish Google tax law Spanish LPI spare parts special rapporteur specialised services specialist unit speech speed split work and private life sport spy agency spying spying hardware spying programs SRI standard standard contractual clauses standardization standards start-ups startup startups State Office for Inventions and Trademarks state secrets state secrets law state security State v. Davis statement statement of intent statistics status report Steaua Bucuresti Stingray Strategic Technology Initiative Strategische Initiative Technik strategy streaming streaming hardware Street View strike STRONG Patents Act student data study sub-Arctic subpoena subscriber information subsidize subtitle site sui generis right suicidal content suicidal thoughts summit super-cookie supercookies Superfish software support survaillance agencies surveillance surveillance bill surveillance law surveillance laws surveillance program surveillance reform surveillance technologies surveillance tools survey SWATing Sweden Switzerland table take down takedown takedown notice takedown notices tapping targeted ads task force tax tax collection tax loophole taxes tech companies tech development tech trends technology technology policy technology trends telecom telecom industry telecom operators telecom providers telecom regulator Telecom Single Market telecommunications telecommunications industry telecommunications regulation telecommunications service telecoms regulation Telecoms Single Market Telecoms Single Market Regulation tender tenders terrorism terrorism crimes terrorism directive terrorist terrorist attacks terrorist content terrorist website testimony testing text and data mining The Great Firewall of China The Nertherlands the Netherlands The Pirate Bay theft thinktank third countries third parties third party third world countries threat analysis throttling TiSA TISA trade agreement Togo Tony Abbott tool tools top level domain name Tor torrent torrent sites torrent website torrent websites torrents TPP track drivers tracking tracking communications tracking of non-users tracking program tracking sensitive data tracking technology trade trade agreement trade agreements Trade in Services Agreement Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) trade mark trade negociations trade secrets trade secrets directive trademark trademark application trademarks traditional knowledge traffic data traffic interception traffic management Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Trans-Pacific Partnership Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) transatlantic transatlantic data flows transatlantic trade Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) transfer of personal data transfers of personal data transition proposals transparency transparency report transparency reports transposed directive tranzition treaty tree strikes and you are out trends trialogue TRIPS troll Trump trust trust services TTIP TTIP negociations TTIP negotiations TTP Turkey TV TV sharing Twitter UAV Uber UK UK communications bill UK Communications Data Bill UK Information Commissioner's Office UK Parliament UK seller Umbrella agreement UN UN General Assembly UN Human Rights Committee UN Human Rights Council UN Human Rights Council review UN meeting Un report on copyright UN resolution UN special rapporteur unauthorised content unauthorized access unauthorized copying of data unconstitutional undeletable cookie undeletable cookies undersea cables UNDESA UNESCO unfair terms and conditions UNHRC Unified Patent Court Agreement Unites States vs Vargas Universal Periodic Review (UPR) universal services and user rights directive unlawful unlawful data collection unmanned aerial vehicles unmanned aircraft update upload filter upload filtering URL URL delisting US US Congress US court US Department of Justice US district court US espionage US federal court US Freedom Act US Patent and Trademark Office US Privacy Act to EU citizens US servers USA Freedom Act use it or leave it user consent user data user protection user rights value gap VeriSign Verizon video recording video section video survaillance video surveillance violence Visa Information System (VIS) Vodafone Voga voice recognition Volkswagen vote VPN W3C waiver extension Wam warning warrant watchdog web and phone data web archive web browser web browsers web company Web Foundation web index web service web summit web traffic webinar website blocking website removal website shut down websites Week of Action Weltimmo case WhatsApp whistleblower protection whistleblowers whistleblowing WHOIS WHOIS database whois policy Wi-Fi Wi-Fi network Wi-Fi routers Wi-Fi tracking technology Wiewiórowski WiFi WiFi networks WiFi user registration Wikimedia Wikipedia WIPO wireless technology wiretapping Wojciech women working document working group workshop World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) World Economic Forum world forum for democracy World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) WSIS WSIS+10 youth youth organizations YouTube for kids YouTube hate speech definition Yummba webinject zero rating zombie cookies