Second Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN) Workshop
Fri 22 May 2015, 15:40
The second edition of the Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN) workshop will take place on 5 June 2015 at KU Leuven. Please see the draft programme and register here.
IPEN is an initiative launched by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) aiming to bring together developers and data protection experts with a technical background from different areas in order to launch and support projects that build privacy into everyday tools and develop new tools which can effectively protect and enhance our privacy. More information is available here. The report of the first IPEN workshop is available here.
Presentations from Global Internet Policy Observatory workshop
Mon 8 Jun 2015, 19:20

The workshop "Co-designing GIPO platform" took place in Sofia on the 4th June. Over 40 participants from a variety of countries attended the presentations and took part in three workshop sessions led by keynote speakers, where they debated on specific questions related to the development of the GIPO platform.

Remarks of U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information at fostering the advancement of the Internet of Things workshop
Fri 9 Sep 2016, 20:00

The article contains the remarks of Angela Simpson Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information Fostering the Advancement of the Internet of Things Workshop. The workshop's information will be integrated in the Department of Commerce policy green paper on IoT, which will identify next steps for the Department and recommendations for the next Administration.