FCC to vote on net neutrality rules in February
Sat 3 Jan 2015, 02:40

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission plans to vote on new net neutrality rules during its February meeting. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will bring a proposal to a vote during the commission’s Feb. 26 meeting, FCC spokeswoman Kim Hart said Friday, following a report in the Washington Post.



Reintroduced bill on net neutrality
Wed 7 Jan 2015, 20:40

On Wednesday the Democrats introduced a bill in both the House of Representatives and the Senate that would require the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to ban paid prioritization agreements. The FCC is preparing to vote on new net neutrality rules in late February, after an appeals court threw out a large portion of the agency’s old rules a year ago.

The reintroduced Online Competition and Consumer Choice Act, which failed to pass after Democrats introduced it last year, is designed to prevent broadband providers from creating Internet fast lanes and slow lanes, based on the ability of Web content providers and services to pay for faster speeds, sponsors said.

Parliament votes to push forward its agenda EU-PNR
Fri 13 Feb 2015, 16:40

On February 11th, the European Parliament has adopted a resolution in which it commits to work toward finalising, by the end of 2015, a directive on EU Passenger Name Records (PNR). This proposal aims at the systematic data collection, retention and analysis by national authorities of passengers taking flights entering or leaving the EU. This data, originally collected by airline companies, contains plethora of personal data, from passengers’ personal and contact details, itinerary, payment methods, to sometimes even food preferences.

MEPs vote a resolution on airline passenger bill
Wed 11 Feb 2015, 20:20

Police are a step closer to gaining broad access to the personal details of anyone flying in or out of Europe after EU lawmakers on Wednesday (11 February) agreed to break a deadlock on a stalled EU bill.

Euro-deputies in Strasbourg voted on a resolution with an amendment to reach an agreement on the EU’s passenger name (EU PNR) record bill by the end of the year.

Last-minute push on net neutrality
Thu 19 Feb 2015, 01:00

Advocates of strong net neutrality rules have generated more than 1 million messages to the FCC or Congress since the beginning of 2015 via the Battleforthenet.com website. “You can’t buy public opinion,” Evan Greer, campaign director of digital rights group Fight for the Future, said during a press briefing Wednesday. “We very clearly have won in the sphere of public opinion.”

The FCC is scheduled to vote on new rules that would reclassify broadband as a regulated utility on Feb. 26, and with agency rules mandating a week-long quiet period on lobbying before then, groups on both sides of the long-running debate were making last-minute pitches.


Republican bill would overturn FCC broadband decision
Fri 27 Feb 2015, 01:20

It didn’t take long for congressional Republicans to attack the Federal Communications Commission’s vote to strike down two state laws that prevent municipal broadband networks from expanding.

Seven Republican lawmakers introduced a bill on Thursday, just hours after the FCC vote, that would prohibit the agency from preempting state laws that limit municipal broadband networks. The main sponsors of the bill are Representative Marsha Blackburn, of Tennessee, and Senator Thom Tillis, of North Carolina.