Australia: Internet pirates won't be pursued using proposed metadata scheme
Fri 27 Feb 2015, 10:40

The Australian's government proposed data retention scheme won’t be used to go after internet pirates, says Tim Morris the federal police assistant commissioner.

Morris told a technology conference on Sunday that the $400m scheme, under which Australians’ metadata would be retained by internet service providers for up to two years, was essential to fight cybercrime and terrorism.

Phone numbers, the time and duration of calls, email addresses and, potentially, URLs would all be stored, but Morris reiterated that the AFP was “not interested in someone sitting down in their lounge room torrenting Game of Thrones”.

Dutch filmmakers sue government over loss of revenue to piracy
Fri 13 Nov 2015, 15:50

A group of Dutch filmmakers has come forward with legal suit against the local government for not taking appropriate measures to counter piracy, which has resulted in loss of millions of euros. The Association of Filmmakers and Distributors, (SEKAM), has taken a bold step and has sued the government for not doing enough to safeguard the interests of the filmmakers and the distributors against online pirates.