Web Summit in Ireland and tax loophole
Sun 9 Nov 2014, 03:00

Politicians at Dublins Web Summit downplayed the impact of scrapping the controversial measure, despite criticism from a former Apple boss suggesting the country would lose its competitive edge. After the Ireland moved last month to close a lucrative tax loophole, former Apple chief executive John Sculley told the summit that the country risked losing the edge that has helped it become the European headquarters of US technology giants including Apple and Facebook. There is a lot of talent in Ireland so I dont think it will be an insurmountable problem but it will take the edge off, if tax advantages do go away, he said.

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Pre-filled tax returns forms available for 30 millions of people
Tue 29 Mar 2016, 13:23

Starting from April 15 2016, around 30 million of Italian citizens can present their tax returns using the pre-filled form set up by the National Revenue Agency. The prefilled form includes data about revenues, tax, expenditures, including health. The pre-filled form can be changed and corrected by the citizens before submitting it online before July 7. Special procedures have been taken in order to protect sensitive health data. It is the second year for the prefilled tax declaration. 700 millions of new data and information have been added in the 2016 version.