AT&T gives you faster Internet but asks you to pay for privacy
Wed 18 Feb 2015, 19:40

AT&T launched its U-verse with AT&T GigaPower broadband network in Kansas City, Mo., over the weekend, with prices beginning at $70 per month. But there’s a catch: If you want AT&T to “ignore” what you’re doing online, you’ll pay almost $30 more per month for the privilege.

If you subscribe to the GigaPower services, AT&T will use location, your search history, and even your apparent intentions to offer you targeted ads. For example, AT&T will serve up ads to restaurants near a concert you may be buying tickets for, or an ad for a new dishwasher from Best Buy if you’re researching one being sold by Sears.

And it includes spam. “For example, if you search for a car online, you may receive an email notifying you of a local dealership’s sale,” AT&T says. AT&T representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.