Dutch police automatically incerceps Internet traffic
Thu 16 Jul 2015, 15:47

Dutch police now automatically intercept internet traffic when setting up a telephone tap, online magazine Computerworld reports on Thursday. The news was buried in the justice ministry’s annual report which was published in May and has only now been made public, the website states.

Proposed new law gives intelligence services broader powers
Fri 18 Sep 2015, 16:01

On July 2, the Minister of the Internal Affairs proposed and published (source document in Dutch) a new Intelligence and Security Services Act as part of an internet consultation process. The law provides the Dutch intelligence and security agencies with more powers for intercepting communications and searching automated systems.

Dutch Tax Authority to use IMSI catchers to track smartphones
Mon 17 Aug 2015, 23:04

The Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, announced on August 17, 2015, that the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (Fiscale inlichtingen-en opsporingsdienst, FIOD), a special investigatory unit under the country’s Tax and Customs Administration, will have the authority “to track and tap smartphones and tablets, including pre-paid sim cards".