Happy New Year, Happy New IANA
Thu 1 Jan 2015, 19:00

As the new year dawns a new IANA is emerging, but the outlines are still blurry. IGP has reviewed all the public comments submitted in response to the CWG’s draft proposal. The results can be seen directly here. Two-thirds (67%) of the comments directly addressing the issue supported the core ideas behind the draft: that the IANA functions operator should be separable from ICANN, and that there should be an external oversight entity with the authority to award the IANA functions contract on a periodic basis, just as the NTIA did before.

Join the global privacy campaign: no personal information in the publicly searchable WHOIS directory
Fri 26 Jun 2015, 18:00

A global campaign to prevent ICANN's inclusion of domain owners' personal information in the publicly searchable WHOIS directory has been launched. Users concerned about privacy are encouraged to sign the online petition and email comments directly to ICANN before July 7, 2015. ICANN has already received nearly 8000 emails protesting the removal of WHOIS privacy protections. ICANN stated that no changes will be made until all public comments are reviewed.

More information is available on www.savedomainprivacy.org

EU Telecom Regulators meet to analyse over 500 000 consultation responses
Mon 1 Aug 2016, 19:38

BEREC, the Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications must publish new rules on net neutrality by 30 August, which leaves them little time to process the hundreds of thousands of responses.