Romanian MEP initiates Public Policy Innovation Lab within EC
Tue 25 Oct 2016, 13:40

Romanian MEP Siegfried Muresan has initiated a Laboratory of Innovation for Public Policy, which aims to facilitate the exchange of experience among EU countries in terms of public policies that are more efficient and have lower costs. The laboratory, which is a pilot project, has been inaugurated by the European Commission this week.

Predictive policing going big in the Netherlands
Mon 15 May 2017, 15:41

The National Police is launching a system that predicts crimes based on accurate criminal data. This Crime Anticipation System (CAS) has already been experimented in, among others, Amsterdam and The Hague. In the pilot phase of the system, cities were divided into subjects of 125 by 125 meters. Of these subjects, crime data were collected for two years. Based on this data, the chance of a new incident can be calculated. These include crimes involving a pattern such as bicycle theft, burglaries, baggage wrecks and car crashes.

On the basis of that data, for example a weekly hausse on bicycle showcases on Friday afternoon, the police's schedule can be adjusted. The data may also give rise to burglary prevention in certain neighborhoods. The test took place in Amsterdam, The Hague and cities in East and North Netherlands and Noord-Holland. The system records the addresses of [those who frequently commit crimes] and suspects in a radius of 500 to 1000 meters. The distance to the nearest resident suspect in cases such as burglary and street robbery is also recorded. Corporations wishing to join the system can register with the National Police. It strives to connect all [police forces] to the system by the end of next year. The Netherlands is then the first country in the world with such a policing system. Agents receive an update of risk areas every week. The CBS also provides data for the system.