EU asks public opinion on geo-blocking
Thu 24 Sep 2015, 15:20

The European Commission started two public consultations Thursday, as part of its Digital Single Market strategy. One is about the role of online platforms such as Google and Amazon, and asks whether they should be more transparent. The other asks citizens about their opinion and experience with geo-blocking.

The Commission wants to hear from citizens, manufacturers, retailers (especially SMEs), right holders, data and cloud service providers and users, as well as all those involved in the collaborative economy.

Please see the press release here.

EU copyright should protect users’ rights and prevent content filtering
Mon 9 Jan 2017, 16:00

This paper deals with article 13 of the Commission’s proposal which introduces a filtering obligation on online platforms that allow users to upload content. The proposal fails to establish clear rules for internet users that make it clear how they can share and remix content legally. Instead it introduces a filtering requirement for online platforms that can potentially serve as a censorship machine and will violate users’ fundamental rights and distort the existing legal framework. From COMMUNIA's perspective article 13 and the related recitals should be deleted from the proposal. You can download a pdf version of the position paper here.