Spanish court endorses CJEU decision on the right to be forgotten
Mon 2 Feb 2015, 12:30

In the first 18 sentences of its decision, the Spanish Audiencia Nacional court has endorsed, without any changes, the European ruling on the so called 'Right to be forgotten' on the Internet. Citizens can demand search engines, Google in this case, the removal of personal information from URLs if they consider it harmful, assuming accessing these links can not be justified neither on public interest grounds nor because of the public relevance of the affected individual.


Legislative changes in Spain after the ECJ ruling Svensson
Thu 11 Jun 2015, 10:43

Following the ECJ court decision and several reactions from the US (mentioned in the 301 report), there have been a series of legislative changes in Spain regarding managing links. The Sinde-Wert Committee was created to clarify whether links infringe intellectual property rights. Contrary to the national civil and criminal courts decisions so far, the Committee reached the conclusion that it does represent an infringement.