Cookies and web anonymity
Sun 5 Oct 2014, 03:20

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation briefing, Flash cookies are stored outside the browser’s control and users cannot view or delete them. Nor are users notified when the cookies (which have no expiry date) are set. Flash cookies can track users in all the ways traditional old-style cookies do, but they can be stored or retrieved whenever a user accesses a page containing a Flash application – which is almost every page that most people access.

EU approves Facebook's takeover of WhatsApp
Fri 3 Oct 2014, 20:40

The EU's competition authorities on Friday gave social media site Facebook the green light to complete its €15bn takeover of mobile messaging startup WhatsApp.

Facebook knows who your friends are. Soon it could know about your health
Fri 3 Oct 2014, 18:40

The company is exploring creating online “support communities” that would connect Facebook users suffering from various ailments. A small team is also considering new “preventative care” applications that would help people improve their lifestyles.

In the web's hidden darknet, criminal enterprise is thriving
Fri 3 Oct 2014, 15:00

Europol’s recent Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (iOCTA) report reveals how entire criminal enterprises have developed around using the internet to hawk criminal services to anyone with the cash.

Facebook secret psychological experiment on users
Fri 3 Oct 2014, 00:20

Unbeknown to users, Facebook had tampered with the news feeds of nearly 700,000 people, showing them an abnormally low number of either positive or negative posts. The experiment aimed to determine whether the company could alter the emotional state of its users.

Facebook real name policy
Thu 2 Oct 2014, 04:40

When it comes to Facebook’s real names policy, it’s really clear—something needs to change. Over the last few weeks, we’ve joined dozens of advocates in saying so. And in a meeting with LGBTQ and digital rights advocates, Facebook agreed. Of course, admitting there’s a problem is always the first step towards a solution. But what’s not clear is what that solution will be.