CNIL opinion on recently adopted French intelligence bill
Thu 5 Mar 2015, 12:34

CNIL alerted that the surveillance files have the legal specificity of prohibiting any control from the perspective of compliance with the law on Internet freedom.

Deputies fear mass surveillance in view of the new intelligence bill
Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:32

National Assembly Digital Committee fears that the new intelligence bill will enable mass instead of targeted surveillance, especially given the existence of such operating measures as the ‘black-boxes’ and the IMSI-catcher (technology for interception communications), known to have been employed in the NSA practices.  

Customs agencies purchased mobile surveillance technologies forbidden for use before the entry into force of the surveillance bill
Wed 20 May 2015, 12:16

Once the surveillance law enters in force, the IMSI-catchers (technology used for intercepting communication) can be used by secret services to intercept communication, specifically mobile phone calls. However evidence exists that IMSI-catchers have already been in use, for example during the pursuit of the Kouachi brothers as mentioned by Senator Boutant. Moreover, there is official evidence regarding this purchase by public bodies.