Spotting terrorist behaviour online is harder than finding child ​abuse images
Thu 4 Dec 2014, 16:20

Why are we outraged by the suggestion that Facebook users’ messages should be screened for potential terrorist threats yet we accept that airline passengers are screened for terrorist threats before boarding a plane? What’s the difference between moving people or information around the world? This is the question raised by the UK parliament’s intelligence and security committee when it suggests Facebook and other internet platforms should “take responsibility” for detecting terrorist activity online.

UK government issues first definition of computer hacking by spies
Fri 6 Feb 2015, 21:20

The British government has for the first time offered an official definition of computer hacking by the security services. The definition can be found in the Home Office “draft equipment interference code of practice” released on Friday.

French privacy row over mass ID database
Mon 7 Nov 2016, 23:55

A French state watchdog has called for the suspension of a database that could end up holding the biometric details of 60 million people. The aim of a single "mega-database" is to fight identity fraud and improve efficiency. But there are fears the database could be abused not only by hackers but by state intelligence too.

The national digital council calls upon the Government to cancel the setup of the mass ID database and consider alternative means which are more moderate and respectful of human rights. See more details here.