EFF is advocating against "cybersecurity" information sharing bills
Fri 9 Jan 2015, 00:20

Right before leaving for their winter vacation, politicians touted cybersecurity bills as the silver bullet to stopping future Sony-like hacks. The specific cybersecurity bills don't focus on advancing research and development, but on the sharing of computer threat information between the public and private sector. What these lawmakers neglect to tell the public is that the bills wouldn't have solved the Sony hack and that companies can already share information concerning computer threats.

UK government issues first definition of computer hacking by spies
Fri 6 Feb 2015, 21:20

The British government has for the first time offered an official definition of computer hacking by the security services. The definition can be found in the Home Office “draft equipment interference code of practice” released on Friday.

American and British spies stole encryption keys from largest SIM card manufacturer
Fri 20 Feb 2015, 07:49

American and British spies hacked into the internal computer network of the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world, stealing encryption keys used to protect the privacy of cellphone communications across the globe, according to top-secret documents provided to The Intercept by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The hack was perpetrated by a joint unit consisting of operatives from the NSA and its British counterpart Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ. The breach, detailed in a secret 2010 GCHQ document, gave the surveillance agencies the potential to secretly monitor a large portion of the world’s cellular communications, including both voice and data.

Spain: Criminal court orders hacker to pay compensation for facilitating downloading movies
Wed 8 Apr 2015, 12:10

The hacker known as Triplorita was convicted for intellectual property infringement and has to pay 167,398 euros to Egeda company and 83,600 euros to Columbia Tristar Entertainment.

Between March 2009 and February 2010 he facilitated downloading copies of newly released movies in theaters.

Dutch law enforcement agencies may gain hacking power in 2015
Mon 20 Oct 2014, 14:14

In October 2012, the Dutch government announced its initiative to grant law enforcement the power to covertly and remotely access “automated works” (computers, phones, etc.), under certain circumstances. 


UK government quietly rewrites cybersecurity legislation
Mon 18 May 2015, 10:41

The UK government has passed new legislation that exempts GCHQ, police, and other intelligence officers from prosecution for hacking into computers and mobile phones. The changes to the Computer Misuse Act were introduced over a year ago without a real public debate and entered into force on May 3.

According to Privacy International's legal experts, the amended Computer Misuse Act "grants UK law enforcement new leeway to potentially conduct cyber attacks within the UK."