Google Fiber sends automated copyright settlement demands
Wed 20 May 2015, 12:10

Google Fiber is forwarding copyright infringement notices to its subscribers including controversial and automated piracy fines. To protect customers against these practices many ISPs including Comcast, Verizon and AT&T have chosen not to forward settlement demands.

Dutch telecos KPN and Vodafone fined for net neutrality violations
Tue 27 Jan 2015, 17:00

The Dutch Authority for Consumer and Market (ACM) said it fined KPN because the free wi-fi hotspots it provided at Dutch airports "blocked various services including several internet calling services. As a result, consumers were unable to use these services. Internet providers are prohibited from deciding what their customers can and cannot do online." And the Reason to fine Vodafone is the positive discrimination it exerted on consumers in general on its network by offering applications allowing customers to watch pay-TV channel HBO for free on certain conditions.

More information in Dutch is available here and in English here.

Dutch Parliament adopts data breach notification obligation and increases fines
Tue 26 May 2015, 13:00

The Dutch Senate passed a new law adding a new provision article 34.a to the Dutch data protection law Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens, which introduces an obligation to notify the Dutch DPA ‘without delay’ in case of a data breach and the related data subjects, broadens the powers of the Dutch DPA with significantly higher fines for a wide range of privacy violations, sets out the exemption conditions for data breach duty on taking active measures to make the such data incomprehensible and inaccessible, and changes the name of Dutch DPA to Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Authority).

Ancillary law significantly changes the scope of sanctions in France well in advance of the GDPR
Mon 17 Oct 2016, 23:44

French regulatory framework is undergoing an important shift in terms of sanctions imposed by the French Data Protection Authority in case of non-compliance with French Data Protection Law as the administrative fine has been multiplied by 10. This trend is related to the new General Data Protection Regulation which is due to come into force in May 2018. France visibly acts as a precursor and set the example for other data protection authorities. Fines have been seen for a long period of time as the Achilles’ heel of French regulation. That should end, as the new law has multiplied by 10 the fine incurred in case of breach of French Data Protection Law, by increasing the former maximum amount of €300,000 to a new fine of up to €3 million.

French privacy watchdog raps WhatsApp over Facebook data sharing
Mon 18 Dec 2017, 21:00

France's data privacy watchdog may fine messaging app WhatsApp if it does not comply with an order to bring its sharing of user data with parent company Facebook into line with French privacy law.