Declaration of Rights on the Internet
Tue 28 Jul 2015, 14:58

On July 28th 2015 the final version of the “Declaration of Rights on the Internet" was published in the media. The Declaration was drafted by a Committee established in July 2014 by the Italian President of the Chamber of Deputies and chaired by professor Rodotà. The text is composed by a preamble and 14 articles. A first draft of the Declaration was published in October 2014 and presented at the meeting of the members of the European Parliament in October 2014.

During the public consultation period the text was accessed more than 14.000 times and 590 opinions were received on the content of the Declaration. At the same time the audition of 46 relevant stakeholders took place during the consultation period. The final version of the Declaration will be presented at the next IGF meeting in Brazil.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Ms Boldrini, hopes that the content of the Declaration might be content of a unitary motion of the Parliament to the Government. The text of the Declaration (in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish) and other related documents are available here.