Amazon delivery drone wins FAA approval for testing in rural Washington
Fri 20 Mar 2015, 01:00 Inc has won US federal regulators’ approval to test a delivery drone, as the e-commerce giant pursues a vision of speeding packages to customers through the air amid public concern over the safety and privacy implications.

The Federal Aviation Administration said on Thursday it had issued an experimental airworthiness certificate to an Amazon unit and its prototype drone design, allowing it to conduct outdoor test flights on private, rural land in Washington state.

MEPs adopt report to help boost Europe's drones industry
Thu 17 Sep 2015, 10:40

New rules are needed to ensure safe use of drones, the European Parliament's transport committee has recommended in a new report. No-fly zones are considered, while no new privacy legislation needed, according to UK conservative MEP Jacqueline Foster, steering the new rules through a Parliament plenary vote end of October.