What’s behind the Privacy Shield?
Wed 3 Feb 2016, 16:20

An agreement on data transfers has been reached, but the document has not been published.

EPIC seeks release of Privacy Shield
Thu 4 Feb 2016, 19:40

EPIC has filed emergency Freedom of Information requests with the US the EU for release of a secret agreement for the transfer of personal data across the Atlantic. A new framework was required by a recent decision of the European Court of Justice. But European and American consumer organizations say the "Privacy Shield" does not provide adequate protection for the transfer of personal data.

Safe Harbor solution not coming any time soon, says Dutch minister
Tue 1 Dec 2015, 15:30

A solution to the Safe Harbor data framework will not hit its January 2016 deadline, raising the possibility of large fines levied against companies like Facebook in the New Year. That's according to Dutch justice minister Ard van der Steur, who has published a lengthy response to Parliamentary questions on the issue.


EU-US data transfer pact agreed
Thu 4 Feb 2016, 10:25

European and U.S. negotiators agreed a data pact on Tuesday that should prevent European Union regulators from restricting data transfers by companies such as Google and Amazon across the Atlantic.

U.S. reluctant to change data pact
Wed 20 Apr 2016, 18:20

The United States does not want to change the substance of a data transfer pact agreed in February with the European Commission, a senior official said, after EU privacy watchdogs voiced concerns over elements of the deal.

Last week, the Article 29 Working Party published a non-binding opinion on the framework which called for more reassurances over U.S. surveillance practices and the independence of a new U.S. privacy ombudsman.

EU-US data pact launched
Mon 1 Aug 2016, 15:20

The EU and US have launched their data transfer pact known as Privacy Shield. The agreement is supposed to protect the privacy of EU nationals when their personal details are transferred to the United States. The pact replaces the 15-year old Safe Harbour agreement, which was invalidated last October by the European Court of Justice.