Sony Pictures was hacked
Mon 15 Dec 2014, 01:40
Journalist Martyn Williams writes that more of Sony Picture's corporate secrets appears to have been put on the Internet over the weekend. Sony Pictures was hacked in late November and has had to endure two weeks of embarrassing leaks of corporate information onto the Internet.

The major Hollywood movie studio first saw several unreleased movies uploaded then salary information about its employees. Leaks have also included medical information about employees, financial data, contracts for TV shows and, last week, the Outlook email boxes of two senior executives. Those email leaks revealed embarassing message exchanges with executives at Sony and other Hollywood studios.

Judge dismisses movie piracy case - linking IP address to a download is not enough
Wed 29 Jun 2016, 19:54

In what's believed to be a first of its kind ruling, a federal court in Oregon has dismissed a direct infringement complaint against an alleged movie pirate from the outset. According to the judge, linking an IP-address to a pirated download is not enough to prove direct copyright infringement.

New administrative notice-and-takedown procedure in Greece
Fri 4 Aug 2017, 14:40
Greece has recently adopted a new administrative procedure to tackle online copyright infringements. According to this provision, which was transposed into the Greek Copyright Act (Law 2121/1993) as Article 66E, in case of alleged online copyright infringement, copyright holders shall have the right to file an application with the Committee for the notification of online copyright infringements.