Landmark copyright case starts in Italy before Constitutional Court
Sat 7 Mar 2015, 14:16

On 11 of February 2015, Italian Constitutional Court starting to review the landmark case regarding the constitutionality of the Italian Communication Authority’s (‘AGCOM’) Regulation on Online Copyright Enforcement. AGCOM granted itself copyright enforcement power without any previous Parliamentary debate.

Consumer’s and small business associations (Altroconsumo, Movimento di difesa del Cittadino, Assoprovider and Assintel) filed action against this Regulation for violation of civil and fundamental rights (freedom of expression and to be informed  and economic initiative), protected by the Italian Constitution, before the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio and then before Constitutional Court.

Dutch copyright enforcement body is pushing developers to take down open source software
Wed 2 Dec 2015, 23:25

As previously reported on the EDRi website two Danish citizens were arrested and charged with “distributing information and instructions about illegal content” for publishing a website with information about the popular culture sharing tool Popcorn Time, which does not even contain links to infringing content. Now the content industry’s Dutch copyright enforcement body BREIN has pushed two Dutch developers of the open source tool into taking their software down from Github, a popular development platform for software, and to enter into contractual agreements with BREIN, on the basis of claims that they would face severe penalties if they resume development of the software.