Access comments on Obama’s new cybersecurity proposals
Tue 13 Jan 2015, 23:00

This week the White House announced plans to release a new legislative proposal aimed at providing notice to victims of corporate data breaches. The Personal Data Notification and Protection Act is expected to look similar to the Administration’s 2011 proposal, including a provision that would preempt stronger state laws. Additionally, the president also promised draft legislation implementing the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, as well as separate draft legislation increasing protections for student data. While these proposals show the White House’s prioritizing data security, it is not yet clear that Personal Data Notification and Protection Act will actually lead to improved security or provide adequate protection for users’ privacy.

EPIC urges FCC to fully enforce cable privacy
Mon 25 Apr 2016, 21:00

In comments filed with the FCC on a proposal to unlock the set-top box market to retail manufacturers, EPIC urged the Commission to apply the Cable Act's privacy rules directly to all companies with access to cable subscriber data. EPIC explained that the Cable Subscriber Privacy Rules are "an effective model for privacy rules in the commercial sector, particularly concerning the collection of data about cable programming." However, the FCC must clarify and enhance enforcement of these rules to address current business practices. EPIC has defended consumer privacy at the FCC for almost 20 years.