Statement by EU Commissioner Věra Jourová on the finalisation of the EU-US negotiations on the data protection "Umbrella Agreement"
Wed 9 Sep 2015, 11:29

EU Commissioner Věra Jourová: "I am very pleased that today we have finalised negotiations with the US on high data protection standards for transatlantic law enforcement cooperation.

Robust cooperation between the EU and the US to fight crime and terrorism is crucial to keep Europeans safe. But all exchanges of personal data, such as criminal records, names or addresses, need to be governed by strong data protection rules. This is what the Umbrella Agreement will ensure."

EU-US Umbrella agreement
Wed 9 Sep 2015, 11:30

The European Union and the United States have clinched a deal protecting personal data shared for law enforcement purposes such as terrorism investigations, according to a document seen by Reuters.

The two sides have been negotiating for four years over the so-called "umbrella agreement" that would protect personal data exchanged between police and judicial authorities in the course of investigations, as well as between companies and law enforcement authorities.

Privacy experts say: Internet surveillance has terrorism-like effects
Thu 29 Sep 2016, 11:28

Privacy experts of austrian "AK Vorrat" published a handbook on evaluation of anti-terror laws in Austria.

In their presentation they claim that the expansion of public surveillance and missing checks and balances gives the impression that the state does not behave lawfully online and that this impression has effects like terrorism.

Hollande announces security pact
Mon 16 Nov 2015, 15:41

Hollande announced a set of measures to harden anti-terrorism laws, including changes to France's constitution. Hollande asked the parliament to vote before the end of the week to extend the state of emergency for three months, with provisions to facilitate administrative, rather than judiciary, searches and house arrests.

The articles of the constitution organizing the state of emergency and "full powers" for the president are "no longer suited to the current situation", he said, and proposed that authorities be allowed "adequate means to take exceptional measures", without having to have recourse to the state of emergency.

Hollande also said that terrorists with a double citizenship, "including those who were born French", should be stripped of their French citizenship.

Unclear Terrorism Directive creates significant risks for citizens’ security
Thu 16 Feb 2017, 18:00

On 16 February 2017, the European Parliament voted in favour of the EU Directive on combating terrorism. Weak, unclear, ambiguous wording in the Directive presents dangers for the rule of law, the right to privacy and freedom of opinion and expression of people in the European Union.

EU Commission to keep watch on Belgium’s rights-harming, disproportionate Passenger Name Record system
Mon 27 Feb 2017, 15:40

A few weeks ago, Access Now received a response from the European Commission regarding the organization's notification in November that Belgium’s plan for a Passenger Name Record (PNR) system breaches EU law. Since then the Belgian Parliament has adopted its proposed PNR law, despite the lack of evidence to show it will help stop crime or terrorism. This has set in motion what is essentially a rights-harming exercise in security theatre.