Open letter to the European Commission on encrypted media extensions
Sat 15 Apr 2017, 15:20

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is considering to standardize a highly controversial proposal on Encrypted Media Extensions for the use of DRM technology (copyright restrictions) in modern web browsers. Julia Reda wrote an open letter to raise a number of concerns.

New standard enables copyright enforcement violating users’ rights
Thu 13 Apr 2017, 16:20

The World Wide Web today stands at a crossroads, as its standards body, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), considers the demand of big content providers to provide them with the facility to be able to control user devices for ensuring that their content is not copied. This facility is called the Encrypted Media Extension (EME), which enables these companies to put digital rights management (DRM) into the user's browser, whether the user wants it or not, and whether such restrictions are as per the user's local national laws or not.

World Wide Web Consortium abandons consensus and decides to standardize DRM
Tue 19 Sep 2017, 10:36

World Wide Web Consortium overruled dozens of members' objections to publishing a DRM standard without a compromise to protect accessibility, security research, archiving, and competition. EFF appealed the decision which concluded with a deeply divided membership. Only 58.4% of the group voted to go on with publication. This is an unprecedented move in a body that has always operated on consensus and compromise.