Scottish identity database plans carry privacy risk, ministers warned
Mon 2 Mar 2015, 16:09

Scottish ministers have been warned by the UK information commissioner that plans for a Scotland-wide ID database risks personal privacy and civil liberties, and had not been fully thought through. The Information Commissioner’s Office said that proposals to put every Scottish citizen on a central database accessed by 120 public bodies, and give each person a unique number, risked breaching data protection laws and privacy standards.

Scottish plans for central identity database spark privacy criticism
Wed 25 Feb 2015, 16:14

Privacy and civil rights campaigners have urged the Scottish government to drop plans for a new identity database which could allow public bodies, including tax authorities, to share every adult’s private data. Public consultation on the proposal, which has faced intense opposition in the Scottish parliament after the scale and reach of the project came to light, ended on 25 February.