Facebook is accused of censorship after deleting iconic Vietnam War photo
Fri 9 Sep 2016, 21:00

Aftenposten, Norway's largest newspaper, criticised Facebook for removing the Pulitzer-prize winning photograph from one of its posts. The newspaper published a series of photographs that "changed the history of warfare". The 1972 picture by Nick Ut features nine-year old Kim Phuc running away, naked, from napalm bombs. Facebook asked the newspaper to remove or "pixelise" it because of her nudity.

The newspaper refused and Facebook took down the post. The newspaper then put the photograph on its front page on Friday (9 September), next to a Facebook logo.


Fitness wristbands violate European law
Thu 3 Nov 2016, 16:41

Several fitness wristbands violate Norwegian and European consumer and privacy legislation. The Norwegian Consumer Council is submitting a formal complaint against four companies to the Norwegian Data Protection Authoritiy and the Consumer Ombudsman.

Norway introduces forced biometric authentication
Wed 26 Jul 2017, 17:40

On 5 April 2017, the Norwegian government proposed an amendment to the Norwegian code of criminal proceedings to allow the police to compel the use of biometric authentication. After two quick debates, the Norwegian Parliament passed the proposition into law on 21 June.