Web Summit in Ireland and tax loophole
Sun 9 Nov 2014, 03:00

Politicians at Dublins Web Summit downplayed the impact of scrapping the controversial measure, despite criticism from a former Apple boss suggesting the country would lose its competitive edge. After the Ireland moved last month to close a lucrative tax loophole, former Apple chief executive John Sculley told the summit that the country risked losing the edge that has helped it become the European headquarters of US technology giants including Apple and Facebook. There is a lot of talent in Ireland so I dont think it will be an insurmountable problem but it will take the edge off, if tax advantages do go away, he said.

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Ireland: 6.25 percent corporate tax on intellectual property
Sat 15 Nov 2014, 12:58


Irish Privacy Watchdog Steps in as Government Site Exposes Citizens’ Data
Sat 15 Nov 2014, 14:47

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner has been forced to step in after it was revealed that a government online portal exposed citizens’ personal information, potentially putting it in the hands of identity fraudsters. The irishgenealogy.ie site inadvertently allowed users to build up detailed profiles of citizens free of charge and in just a few clicks – perfect fodder for cybercriminals.

US demands seizure from Irish server
Tue 9 Dec 2014, 14:20

U.S. demands to seize emails stored on a Microsoft server in Ireland. According to the district court, the location of the data is not relevant and seeking cooperation with Irish authorities is not necessary for a warrant’s powers to reach abroad. However, there is “no way” the U.S. government would accept the reasoning the district court is using if other countries wanted to access data stored on U.S. soil, Microsoft said in a brief filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Monday. If the warrant is carried out it would open the door to such seizures in the U.S., endangering the privacy of U.S. citizens, Microsoft said. The Irish government asked the European Commission for legal aid in the case.

Irish Broadband providers ordered to block illegal streaming sites
Tue 25 Apr 2017, 12:04

Six major film and TV studios have secured injunctions directing Irish Internet service providers to block access to websites involved in illegal streaming or downloading of films and TV shows. The companies argued digital piracy is costing the studios hundreds of millions annually and hundreds of jobs.

Irish police phone tapping undermines citizens’ rights
Wed 31 May 2017, 18:00

An investigation by the Irish Independent newspaper has found that members of the public had their phones tapped without proper justification.

The widespread phone tapping was revealed after a senior officer tried to highlight his concerns about the legality of the covert surveillance. According to this account, he was put under pressure to listen in on private conversations of citizens without a necessary court order.