IT-Security Law: Expert consultation in the German Bundestag
Mon 20 Apr 2015, 18:02

On 20th April 2015, there was a consultation regarding the draft of the IT-security law in the German Bundestag. The majority of the experts stated that the plan to establish a law enhancing the IT-security would be desirable. The draft law especially aims at protecting critical infrastructures by requiring operators of critical infrastructure to fulfil certain minimum standards for IT-security. However, the draft law was also criticised: The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) stated that the law would only aim at avoiding attacks against enterprises, but not against private persons. The Federal Association of the German Industry further criticised that the term “critical infrastructures” is not defined in the draft law so that it would be unclear what exactly needs to be protected.

European Commission's explanatory note on IT search
Mon 21 Sep 2015, 11:11

The European Commission has published on its website an updated version of its explanatory note on how it conducts dawn raids where it suspects that a company has breached antitrust law. The revised note goes into more detail concerning the IT aspects of a European Commission dawn raid and it touches upon cloud services and personal data.

The explanatory note is available here.