Czechs reluctant to implement IDN
Mon 1 Jun 2015, 17:11

The Czech .CZ domain administrator CZ.NIC Association undertakes biannual surveys at the domain holders (individuals as well as companies) in which the respondents are asked whether they wish to implement IDN (Internationalized domain name) within the .CZ domain. CZ.NIC is ready from a technical point of view for the implementation of IDN; however, it has not implemented IDN in .CZ domains yet since the Internet user community in the Czech Republic (individuals as well as organizations) did not show much interest in the implementation of IDN.  If the IDN was deployed, the web addresses within the .CZ domain could contain Czech letters with diacritic.

The regular biannual survey started in 2004. The support of IDN implementation has been continually dropping from 45 % to 32 % (in 2014) in case of individuals while the support from companies has been slightly growing. However, it is still significantly poor - with less than 20 % (in 2014) in favour of IDN.

See whole article with survey results and possible impact issues here (the only Czech IDN domain in use).

Romania introduces IDN
Mon 8 Jun 2015, 13:20

The main domain registrar in Romania, ROTLD, which is under the management of the country’s National Research and Development Institute in IT (ICI Bucharest), announced in the beginning of June it was updating its software, allowing diacritical marks in domain names.