Data protection reform on track for adoption in 2015
Wed 24 Jun 2015, 21:20

Read Commissioner 's Jourová remarks after the launch of the Data protection regulation trilogue: We are on track to adopt the data protection reform in 2015.


EDRi's document pool on the General Data Protection Regulation
Thu 25 Jun 2015, 12:40

In January 2012, the European Commission, following extensive consultations, published a draft Regulation. After 3 years of discussion following the first proposal being made by the European Commission (and a first reading by the European Parliament that was finalised in 2014), the Council has decided to agree on a new text (a “general approach“) that will be the object of current trialogues.

The trilogue discussions between the three institutions officially started on 24 June 2015 with the first meeting in Brussels. In order to explain the process, EDRi will be publishing information and analysis in a document pool which will be updated as the negotiations advance.

Data Protection Tool
Fri 11 Sep 2015, 16:10

Signatu is a free cloud service (SaaS) which makes it easy and safe for your company to author, integrate and track privacy terms for your users, in compliance with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The tool is complex and offers the possibility to create privacy terms and policies based on a questionnaire, track user’s consent and withdrawal of consent or rack user’s requests to exercise their data protection rights. At the same time it offers demonstration and verification of GDRP-compliance.

Please note that signatu is still in beta v1 for testing. Signatu is established in Norway and co-founded by the data engineer, Torgeir Hovden (formerly at Microsoft and technology director at Telenor) and the data protection law expert, Georg Philip Krog (former scholar at the Faculty of law in Oslo, Max Planck Institut in Hamburg, Fulbright Scholar at Stanford Law School and Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Law School).

Germany - Bundesrat disagrees with the new GDRP approach on consumer protection
Tue 15 Sep 2015, 18:05

The German Federal Assembly (Bundesrat) has recently issued an opinion criticising the new European Data Protection Regulation for its approach to consumer protection and recommends that the current level EU consumer protection be maintained.

The opinion is available in German here.

General Data Protection Regulation final version
Mon 21 Dec 2015, 20:00

Last week, the Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament and the EU member states agreed on a final version of the long-awaited General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is aimed at updating EU data protection rules for the digital age. This regulation will replace the 1995 Data Protection Directive and harmonise data protection — its terms and conditions — across EU member states.

The new rules will ensure individuals are in control of their own data, providing for a long list of users’ rights and a clear set of obligations for companies. At first glance, “obligations” might seem like a headache for businesses that have difficulty meeting their responsibility to respect human rights. However, having harmonised rules across the EU will provide legal certainty and lower the administrative burden.