UK High Court opinion on data retention law
Wed 29 Jul 2015, 21:40

Last week, the UK High Court issued an opinion explaining how emergency legislation passed last summer — the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act of 2014 (DRIPA) — violates EU law. Access analyzed the ruling and considered the implications for the future of privacy and data retention in Europe.

Google tells its publisher partners to comply with EU cookie directive
Tue 28 Jul 2015, 19:40

Google is now requiring that publishers that carry its ads comply with a European Union directive and ask their site visitors’ for permission before setting cookies on their computers. Google spelled out the requirement in its new EU User Consent Policy for publishers that participate in services including AdSense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers.

“If your websites are getting visitors from any of the countries in the European Union, you must comply with the EU user consent policy. We recommend you start working on a policy-compliant user consent mechanism today,” said Jason Woloz, Google’s security and privacy program manager for display and video ads, in a blog post.


EDPS criticises air passenger bill
Mon 27 Jul 2015, 20:20

Giovanni Buttarelli criticizes the Passenger Names Records (PNR) law saying it makes more sense to target specific categories of flights, passengers, and countries and declaring it as too invasive and unlikely to stop terrorism. “I’m still waiting for the relevant evidence to demonstrate, even in terms on the amount of money, and years to implement this system, how much it is essential,” he said.

His comments come after MEPs in the civil liberties committee on 15 July agreed a legislative proposal that will allow the collection of detailed information – such as credit card details and addresses – of all people flying in and out of the EU. Buttarelli is due to give a formal opinion on it in September.

EU Parliament adopts proposal on airline passengers data sharing
Fri 17 Jul 2015, 18:40

On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE) adopted the EU Passenger Name Records (EU-PNR) directive proposal, presented by Rapporteur Timothy Kirkhope, a conservative MEP from the UK.

The EU-PNR directive would establish the systematic collection, retention, and analysis of passenger data for everyone flying into or leaving the EU. Passenger data contains a plethora of personal information, such as passengers’ personal and contact details, itinerary, payment methods, and sometimes even car and hotel bookings.

Facebook accused of spying on Belgian citizens like the NSA
Mon 21 Sep 2015, 21:00

The Belgian Privacy Commission (BPC) brought a lawsuit against Facebook after accusing it of not complying with Belgian and European privacy law. In a report and an opinion the BPC detailed Facebook’s alleged breaches, including the tracking of non-users and logged-out Facebook users for advertising purposes.

The BPC is threatening Facebook with fine of €250,000 ($280,213) a day for failing to respond to its demands.


European Commission statement on national data retention laws
Wed 16 Sep 2015, 18:20

On September 16, the European Commission has reiterated in a statement that the decision of whether or not to introduce national data retention laws is a national decision and that it is not going to start a court action against the German draft data retention law.

The European Commission is neither opposing, nor advocating the introduction of national data retention laws. Therefore, the Commission is not coming forward with any new initiatives on Data Retention. In the absence of EU rules, Member States are free to maintain their current data retention systems or set up new ones, providing of course they comply with basic principles under EU law, such as those contained in the ePrivacy Directive.