European commissioner wants an agreement on PNR
Tue 9 Dec 2014, 22:40

The European Parliament recently voted in favour of a resolution to refer the EU-Canada agreement on PNR to the Court of Justice to deliver an opinion of its compliance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights. After this vote, members of the European Parliament and digital rights activists expected the legislative debate on the EU PNR directive to be postponed until the CJEU’s assessment was released. Unfortunately, Commissioner Avramopoulos decided not to wait for the opinion and signaled his desire to quickly reach an agreement on the 2011 directive. To the surprise of many Parliamentarians at the hearing, the Home Affairs Commissioner said the landmark CJEU ruling on data retention was “a different scheme than the PNR.”

Europe calls for swift passage of law to collect flight passengers’ data
Wed 28 Jan 2015, 20:20

The European executive on Wednesday called for the prompt passage of legislation to collect and retain information on anyone flying into or out of the EU, as part of a package of counter-terror policies following the jihadi attacks in Paris and alleged foiled terrorist murders in Belgium.

A European commission note seen by the Guardian calls for the swift adoption of the collection of passenger name records, including bank details, mobile numbers and meal preferences, for those flying in and out of the EU and their retention for up to five years for access by the police and security services.