EU data protection authorities investigate Facebook's new privacy policy
Wed 4 Feb 2015, 16:20

The European Union’s data protection authorities are getting serious about issues with Facebook’s new privacy policy. They have formed a task force which will deal with part of the policy that could very well violate EU privacy laws.

The task force was formed on Tuesday during a meeting of European data protection authorities and will be led by Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and perhaps Italy, said the spokeswoman for Bart Tommelein, Belgium’s state secretary for privacy. The data protection authorities (DPAs) for instance take issue with Facebook’s practice of following its users off site, collecting information when they use third-party websites and apps that use a Facebook “like” button, a Facebook log-in or Facebook’s measurement and advertising services. What’s more, the authorities don’t like Facebook claiming the right to use information and photos from user profiles for commercial purposes and take issue with Facebook sharing personal user data with third parties, she said.

Dutch data protection authority asks Facebook to postpone new privacy conditions
Tue 16 Dec 2014, 21:23

Dutch privacy watchdog CBP is launching an investigation into Facebook and is asking the company to postpone its new privacy policy.

Facebook criticizes European privacy regulators
Wed 29 Apr 2015, 17:20

Facebook has warned that overlapping national probes into its privacy policy could severely endanger the European Union’s economy if such a fragmented strategy is continued and applied to other businesses.

Data protection authorities from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany in February formed a task force to deal with Facebook’s new privacy policy, introduced late January. They suspect that the new policy violates EU privacy laws. French, Spanish and Italian authorities later joined the group.

Belgian Data Protection Authority's first recommendation on Facebook's privacy policy
Fri 15 May 2015, 18:20

Following the introduction of new worldwide terms of use by Facebook, a number of European privacy commissions started investigations. Facebook did not accept that it was bound by the national privacy legislation of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and it rejected their competence.

On 13 May the Belgian Privacy Commission adopted a first recommendation on Facebook. The document establishes that the Belgian Privacy Commission is competent and that Facebook disregards European and Belgian privacy legislation in several ways.

Facebook is ordered by Hamburg privacy authority to allow pseudonyms
Wed 29 Jul 2015, 11:04

Facebook was ordered by Hamburg privacy authority to allow users to have accounts under pseudonyms on the social network. The company rejects such a decision and argues that the Irish regulator has jurisdiction over its compliance with EU privacy law. The Irish privacy regulator in 2011 audited Facebook and found its name policy was in line with Irish law.