Assessing the impact of data protection: DPO-EDPS meeting in Alicante
Fri 28 Oct 2016, 13:20

Assessing the impact of data protection: DPO-EDPS meeting in Alicante.

Revocation of accreditation of journalists during G20 deemed illegal by DPO of Hamburg
Thu 21 Dec 2017, 13:04

During the G20 summit in Hamburg, the accreditation of 32 journalists have been revoked based inter alia on datasets which have been collected illegally, according to the DPO of Hamburg, Johannes Caspar. According to him, the organizational measures to protect the data from being revealed to unauthorized persons could have been infringed. Therefore, the DPO will further investigate the case.

Draft anti-terror law in Baden-Württemberg subject to controversial discussion
Sun 10 Dec 2017, 13:08

The Landtag in Baden-Württemberg was debating a draft anti-terror law which, inter alia, includes additional options to use video surveillance, lawful hacking and electronic tags for persons likely to threaten public security, making it one of the most restrictive anti-terror laws in Germany. The draft law was being criticized by the DPO of Baden-Württemberg: In particular, it remains unclear whether any of these measures would have an actual impact. Therefore, an evaluation clause should be included in the draft law.