US presidency candidate Jeb Bush against net neutrality

Today, Bush issued a promise for regulatory reform that includes environment-focused regulations and the net neutrality framework passed early last year. If elected president, Jeb Bush could call for the net neutrality rules to be eradicated.

Jeb Bush campaign page reads: "The Federal Communications Commission’s Net Neutrality rule classifies all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as "public utilities," subjecting them to antiquated "common carrier" regulation. Rather than enhancing consumer welfare, these rules prohibit one group of companies (ISPs) from charging another group of companies (content companies) the full cost for using their services. Small broadband operators—like KWISP (475 customers in rural Illinois) and Wisper ISP (8,000 customers near St. Louis, Mo)—have declared under penalty of perjury that the Net Neutrality rule has caused them to cut back on investments to upgrade and expand their networks."

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Posted on Tuesday 22 September 2015

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