Updated Dutch secret service bill in public consultation

Last week, the updated version of the Dutch secret service bill has been published for public consultation. Ronald Plasterk, the Dutch Minister of the Interior, wants to make sure that the Dutch secret services have the powers to spy on the behaviour of all citizens and gain insight in all of their communications: phone calls, emails, chat messages and website visits.

The secret services will gain the power to use a dragnet form of surveillance. The Minister has given assurances that the dragnet will only be used for specific purposes, but has not provided adequate safeguards limiting the mass surveillance of unsuspected citizens. A second issue in the proposed bill is access to this bulk data by foreign services. Data which has been intercepted in bulk by the Dutch secret services can be shared in bulk with foreign services, even before the data has been evaluated.

The online consultation will be open till September 1st, 2015.

Country: Netherlands

Domains: Privacy

Stakeholder: Government

Tags: Netherlands, secret service, human rights, public consultation, new bill, terrorism, cybersecurity, surveillance, privacy

Posted on Monday 20 July 2015

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