The French Digital Council welcomes the adoption of the Digital Republic Bill and the important clauses it contains

The French Digital Council expressed its satisfaction with the adoption of the Digital Bill by the joint committee composed of senators and deputies. An intense debate preceded the bill’s adoption, as over 2500 amendments were put forward. The Digital Council highlighted the great quality of these discussions which confirms the increasing importance for the national representatives of the debated matters.  The Digital Council welcomes many elements of the bill such as open data; a balanced right to portability; the measures promoting accessibility and inclusion; the exception to copyright in order to enable scientific text and data mining, etc.

Country: France

Domains: IG

Stakeholder: Government

Tags: inclusion, accessibility, French Digital Council, text and data mining, copyright exception, right to portability, public authotities, open data, France, Digital Republic Bill

Posted on Friday 1 July 2016

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