Swedish Supreme Court confirms that domain names constitute property that can be seized by the state

In April 2015, prosecutor Fredrik Ingblad directed claims against Fredrik Neij (one of the creators of The Pirate Bay) in an effort to disrupt the operation of The Pirate Bay website in Sweden. Ingblad also filed a complaint against Punkt SE (IIS), the organisation responsible for Sweden’s .se top-level domain. Mr Ingblad argued that the domains ‘ThePirateBay.se’ and ‘PirateBay.se’ were used as “tools” to aid and abet copyright infringement and should therefore be seized by the Swedish state.

In December 2017 the Swedish Supreme Court confirmed that the two domains can indeed be seized by the state.

Country: Sweden

Domains: IPR IG

Stakeholder: Government

Tags: torrent website, domain names, Sweden, court decision, seisure, criminal activity, property, copyright infringement

Posted on Saturday 13 January 2018

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