Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Recognise the Internet as a human right

Sir Tim Berners-Lee called for the Internet to be recognised as a basic human right. Sir Tim noted that in our increasingly unequal world, the Web has the potential to be a great equalizer, but only “if we hardwire the rights to privacy, freedom of expression, affordable access and net neutrality into the rules of the game.”

The 2014-15 edition of the Web Foundation’s annual Web Index examines key Web issues — including privacy, censorship, gender-based violence, equality and, for the first time ever, net neutrality — across 86 countries. The findings from this year’s Index point to a Web that is becoming less free and more unequal.

Country: Global

Domains: Privacy IG

Stakeholder: Civil Society

Tags: Web Foundation, Internet, affordable access, freedom of expression, net neutrality, human rights, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, web index, censorship, equal, free, privacy, report, statistics

Posted on Saturday 13 December 2014

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