Romanian cybersecurity law sent to the Constitutional Court

A new law on cybersecurity, previously reported in the EDRi-gram, was adopted by the Romanian Parliament at the end of 2014. The law gives the Romanian Intelligence Agency (SRI) access to any computer data owned by private companies, without a court order. The law was sent to the Constitutional Court for analysis and it will be judged on 21 January 2015.

Moreover,  the situation regarding surveillance practices in Romania seems to have recently become even blurrier. Even as the events in France were unfolding, a special inter-institutional group formed by several ministries and SRI had already met a couple of times to decide about a revival of the surveillance laws declared unconstitutional in 2014 – the data retention law and the mandatory registration of telephony prepaid cards.

Country: Romania

Domains: Privacy IG

Stakeholder: Government

Tags: cybersecurity law, Romanian Constitutional Court (CCR), data retention, access to data, surveillance laws, unconstitutional

Posted on Wednesday 14 January 2015

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