Republic of San Marino requires national taxes on IPRs

The owners of European patents and international trademarks that want to protect their inventions or trademarks in the Republic of San Marino are required to pay national taxes in San Marino and can not longer avail themselves of the reciprocity of recognition on trademarks, patents and designs sanctioned by art. 43 of the Convention San Marino-Italy of 1939.

All applicants originating from countries other than Italy, that require industrial property rights through the international systems (WIPO and EPO), are required to make a deposit in each of the two countries, by paying the taxes both in San Marino and in Italy, in consistency with what is happening in all the member states of the relevant international conventions and in compliance with the principle of territoriality.

Country: Italy

Domains: IPR

Stakeholder: Government

Tags: intellectual property rights, reciprocity of recognition, principle of territoriality, convention, taxes

Posted on Sunday 8 February 2015

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