New research paper on content regulation and domain name policy

Should domain name registrars have the right to cancel a domain because they don’t like the content of the website it supports? How many registrars’ terms of service contracts give them this right and how many don’t? Should ICANN’s Registrar Accreditation Agreement ensure registrar neutrality, or is competition sufficient to protect users’ rights?

These questions are explored in a new IGP research paper, “In Search of Amoral Registrars: Content Regulation and Domain Name Policy“, which examines the Terms of Service from 74 ICANN contracted parties who operate more than 2,300 domain name registrars in order to find out how many have “morality” clauses of the sort that knocked the Daily Stormer off the Internet.

Country: Global

Domains: IG

Stakeholder: Academia

Tags: morality clause, Internet, domanin name registrars, ICANN, registrar accreditation agreement, content regulation, domain name policy, research paper

Posted on Thursday 26 October 2017

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