Net neutrality debates in India

Net neutrality is a global issue, but only recently has it made headlines in India. Last November, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) announced it would investigate data plans offered by Airtel, the country’s biggest mobile provider, that offer lower rates on specific apps (such as WhatsApp and Facebook) to determine whether this practice impacts net neutrality. But the very next month, following Airtel’s proposed hike in data charges for VoIP, TRAI’s chairperson said in an interview that this plan, while being against the principle of net neutrality, was not illegal because there are no laws or policies endorsing net neutrality in India. This has created confusion about TRAI’s views on net neutrality.

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Tags: net neutrality, India, mobile providers, charges for over the top services, Internet

Posted on Tuesday 13 January 2015

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