Key amendments to the Electronic Government Act passed by the Bulgarian Parliament

Bulgarian Parliament has approved a package of amendments to the Electronic Governance Act (EGA) with the aim to facilitate and enhance the process of adopting e-Government in its fullest. Some of the most notable legislative texts include the requirement for all software, designated for government purposes to be open source and developed in a public repository (Article 58a of the EGA) and the establishment of an Electronic Government State Agency (EGSA), which will be responsible for the correct implementation of e-Government concepts (e-ID, Network and data security, Certification services, etc.) and projects. The EGSA will be assisted by a new Unified System Operator State Enterprise, which will constitute an informational contact centre for citizens and business entities. The Unified System Operator will also function as an action centre in response to incidents, related to breaches of data security.

Additional information is also available here.

Country: Bulgaria

Domains: Privacy

Stakeholder: Government

Tags: public repository, ammendments, Electronic Governance Act, Bulgaria, open source, e-government

Posted on Monday 4 July 2016

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