In light of upcoming expansion of interception powers, Dutch government will commission a Privacy Impact Assessment

On February 10th 2015, at the General Meeting of the Dutch House of Representatives concerning the Dutch Intelligence & Security Act of 2002 (Wiv2002),the Minister of the Interior promised to send a letter that provides information on three topics raised during the debate: the offer of a technical briefing on cable interception, the Privacy Impact Assessment requested by MP Gerard Schouw (D66), and an explanation of the further procedure of revising the Wiv2002. On March 17th 2015, the Minister sent the letter he promised. The PIA model, tailored to the legal tasks of the AIVD and MIVD, will be applied to the proposed changes to the existing Intelligence & Security Act of 2002.

Country: Netherlands

Domains: Privacy

Stakeholder: Government

Tags: privacy impact assessment, surveillance, interception, legislation, security, intelligence services, Netherlands, privacy

Posted on Thursday 19 March 2015

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