France attacks Facebook for its bad handling of personal data

In independent but complementary procedures, CNIL and DGCCRF (Competition Directorate-General) warned Facebook to ensure compliance with French law and rectify its practices. DGCCRF pointed at the unfair terms present in the terms and conditions in the use of the social network. More precisely, Facebook’s ‘discretionary power’ was cited which allows it to remove content and unilaterally change the conditions of use. Facebook was given 60 days to rectify this. As for CNIL, it gives Facebook 3 months to react to its more comprehensive list of criticisms, which question the essence of Facbeook’s functioning. CNIL criticizes the social network’s practice of mass collection and processing of sensitive data such as religious or political views. The French authority also expressed its discontent with the aggregation of data of users which enables users’ profiling for advertising purposes. Moreover since the users do not have the option to oppose the collection of data, Facebook is urged to better inform French members on the use of cookies and to delete within six months the history of IP addresses.

Country: France

Domains: Privacy

Stakeholder: Government

Tags: unfair terms and conditions, IP addresses, data protection, CNIL, social media, processing of sensitive data, mass collection

Posted on Wednesday 10 February 2016

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