European Data Protection Supervisor calls for stronger protections for electronic communications

The top European data protection official, the European Data Protection Supervisor, has called for strong privacy protections in the "ePrivacy Directive", an updated framework to safeguard personal information. "The scope of new ePrivacy rules needs to be broad enough to cover all forms of electronic communications irrespective of network or service used." The Data Protection Supervisor also said the legislation should "allow users to use end-to- end encryption without back doors". NGOs and data protection officials have also called for the reform of the European legislation after the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation. EPIC has urged the FCC to establish a comprehensive framework for communications privacy, noting the work now underway in Europe to update privacy laws.

Country: Global

Domains: Privacy

Stakeholder: Civil Society

Tags: electronic communications, ePrivacy, comprehensive framework, FCC, GDPR, EDPS, data protection, privacy, Internet

Posted on Wednesday 27 July 2016

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