EU-US negociations on data sharing close to wrap up

The European Commission is working with the United States on the final details of the Safe Harbour agreement which was put up for renegotiation after the exposed U.S. mass surveillance practices. Under the new deal, U.S. registered companies will face stricter rules when transferring data to third parties.

Brussels has demanded guarantees from the United States that the collection of EU citizens' data for national security purposes would be limited to what is necessary and proportionate. The new deal would allow both sides to monitor the functioning of Safe Harbour, including how the limitations on U.S. authorities' access to the data are being applied.

U.S. President Barack Obama in June signed a bill reforming a government surveillance program. He also plans to extend certain protections enjoyed by U.S. citizens to foreigners.

Country: EU

Domains: IG

Stakeholder: European Bodies

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Posted on Wednesday 5 August 2015

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