EU-Canada agreement on PNR referred to the CJEU

On 25 November the European Parliament voted, by 383 votes to 271, in favour of a resolution to refer the EU-Canada agreement on Passenger Name Records (PNR) to the European Court of Justice (CJEU). The CJEU will now decide on the compliance of the agreement with EU law, in particular the Charter of Fundamental Rights. As explained in previous EDRi-gram articles, PNR data has become an attractive and invasive source for governments to obtain personal data.

Country: EU

Domains: Privacy

Stakeholder: European Bodies

Tags: US espionage, Snowden revelations, CJEU, Charter of Fundamental Rights, EU law, EU-Canada, European Parliament, passenger name records, PNR, surveillance, agreement, resolution

Posted on Wednesday 3 December 2014

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