Czech Republic: TTIP agreement negotiations

Although there have been more than seven rounds of negotiations between EU, USA and Canada, the position of the Czech Government is somewhat uncertain. Based on several announcements and notes from government officials, the position seems to be rather positive. However, an official platform for discussion or information campaign has yet to be established. So far the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, which is responsible for this agenda, issued only a few news announcements informing about achieved results. The ministry only passively seeks for invitation to any debates regarding both agreements.

In this perspective a Czech NGO Iuridicum Remedium joined the European STOP TTIP initiative. Iuridicum Remedium addresses issues of blanket infringements on individual rights in the fields of Social Exclusion; Human Rights and Technologies; and Human Rights and Public Administration.

The Czech Stop TTIP initiative can be found here. Basic information about TTIP agreements can be found here.

Country: Czech Republic

Domains: Privacy IG

Stakeholder: Government

Tags: human rights, agreement, Czech Republic, TTIP negociations

Posted on Monday 2 March 2015

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